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Buy a parking space … Personal loan or mortgage?

Buy a parking space

Normally the acquisition of a garage, is performed simultaneously with the purchase of the flat or house, however, there are several reasons why this operation is not carried out jointly, whether the extra space is bought by spending to have a second car, or because the building where it was purchased does not have places to park the car or as an investment.

In this post we talk about the alternatives to the mortgage in the purchase of housing

That is why, in these cases, many Spaniards consider the need to access a funding proposal that best suits the case, and this is exactly what we will discuss next. Buy a parking space

Until recently, the market did not offer a specific product that provides the financing necessary to acquire a parking space, therefore, there was no other option than requesting a personal loan for financing.

If you are considering a mortgage application, in this article we compare the online mortgage with the conventional mortgage.

The sunset of the parking mortgages

They were a product not very commercialized nor well known, of which, to date, there is no trace (or not advertised) in the market.

First, parking mortgages granted capital of up to 70% of the appraised value of the garage, a situation that is a comparative advantage over personal loans, which in general terms are more limited in the aspect of capital.

Normally and by the modality of mortgages, the requirements to access this type of loans were lower than in the case of personal loans, since it is enough to own a property for the loan to be granted.

In this other article we show you how many years it is better to buy or rent

Also, one of the main advantages of mortgages against loans is the repayment term. Normally these mortgages were granted with terms of up to 15 years for their return and therefore maintain a much lower rate than a personal loan.

However, not all are advantages when we talk about these mortgages. In general terms, the formalization expenses were very high, since a multiplicity of commissions were applied, such as opening, early cancellation, partial amortization and study, etc. The effect of these commissions can increase the final product by up to 5 %. 

The second difficulty when trying to access this type of credits, is that they were not very popular. There are few banks and boxes that have created this specific product. As an example we can mention the Parking Mortgage that at the time it was selling Unnim, although it was not a product that was lavished before and that, of course, is still not very abundant (not to say it is non-existent)

The best thing in these cases is to find out in your bank or cashier the type of financing offered, however, personal loans are usually between 8% and 10% per annum and all options should be analyzed.

Mortgages today

In any case, and apart from these specific operations to which we referred, mortgages nowadays begin to be truly affordable in relation to what they supposed to be only a year ago. Let’s not forget that after the rupture that supposed to transfer the psychological barrier of the spreads to 2%, we have witnessed a scenario in which these differentials have gradually been decreasing, until finding today an offer in which we can find differentials to 1% (although it is true they are not the most frequent)

In other words, mortgages are becoming cheaper each time, although, it is true, this drop in spreads has to do with a time when interest rates and the price of money have fallen dramatically, and in the fact that even the effects of disinflation are felt. It is also notorious, and so we must pick it up, the fact of the decrease in the levels of demand, for example, by reducing the requirement of minimum income to access the best conditions of mortgages although, yes, we must take into account that the levels of bonding are increasingly higher.



You are urgently looking for a financier for your loan who will help you?

Many people in urgent need of cash do not turn to their bank, but go on the Internet in search of a suitable financier. There are different possibilities for this. You can contact a private credit intermediary or register on an internet portal and place an ad with the content: “Seek urgent lenders.” Subsequently, various private lenders will be ready to help you to fulfill all or part of your request. Often you can already have your money within a few hours.

Seek urgent lenders- Immediate loan

The function of a private credit intermediation portal is not to act as lender. However, it wants to bring together private lenders and private borrowers who can individually agree on the conditions for lending. The data transfer is completely anonymous, so that the borrower can always be sure that his identity is protected. When registering on the Internportal, however, various personal information including the account number must be provided. However, this does not mean that the lender learns about it. Once a suitable lender is found, the money can be disbursed immediately and used for its intended purpose.

Seeking urgent funders – financial bottlenecks

There are many situations where there is an urgent need for action and cash is needed to bridge financial bottlenecks. It is particularly difficult when the bank is unwilling to help in the short term and to provide an installment loan. A personal loan is often the only alternative. If this is also not possible, it may be possible to apply for an instant loan with a domestic or foreign bank. However, the Financial Credit Institutions and the income plays an important role. With a foreign bank the information can be neglected.

The Ideal Loan for Public Employees

The Ideal Loan for Public Employees

Do you work as an employee of a public administration? Do you need a loan but are you already busy? Request a quote for the transfer of the fifth public employees immediately. The sale of the fifth is the ideal loan for you!

The transfer of the fifth to civil servants is a personal loan for employees of the civil service.
Employees of the public employment are defined as employees who provide services to public administrations, such as hospitals, municipalities, provinces, regions, social security institutions, etc.

Civil servants can obtain a fifth transfer with a maximum payment of 20% of the monthly net salary and an amortization plan with a duration of between 24 and 120 months. The maximum eligible amount is calculated in relation to the maximum amount expected, which for public employees amounts to € 85,000.

In order to request the transfer of the fifth, it is necessary that a public employee has completed at least 3 months of employment (regardless of the accrued TFR). The duration applied is calculated, moreover, based on the age of the applicant who must not exceed 70 years of age at the expiry of the contract of the fifth degree; this data is valid for both men and women.

To request a quote please fill in your contact request with your details and you will be contacted by one of our consultants.
Your income documents are enough to get a free estimate of the amount you want, but if you send the salary certificate completed by your administration you will get a more precise estimate and for the maximum amount obtainable. Remember: if you are a public employee, the sale of the fifth is the ideal solution to apply for a loan!

How to loan money privately?

Looking for loans on the Internet and looking for private investors can have several reasons. This often happens because of poor credit ratings or because you want to avoid the burden of high interest rates, as they are currently in consumer loans or discretionary loans on the agenda. Especially entrepreneurs or company founders have a hard time with banks, because banks generally lend only higher sums, because otherwise the testing costs would not be worthwhile. Especially for company founders who only need a small start-up financing, this is often a problem.

In addition to classic lenders, such as banks, there have been other models offered over the Internet for some time now. In these models, private individuals act as lenders who use these models as an investment opportunity. Placement platforms can be used to set up a project, whether private or commercial, and there is a kind of auction in which the donors can participate. With a little persuasion and luck, you can win enough financiers for your project or one who invests the whole sum. For many it is interesting and important that the whole thing without a credit check is going on. The decisive criterion is the project and the interest offered in the auction. Often, these projects are forms of debt rescheduling, where money is used to pay off expensive loans, purchases and investments, or repairs and renovations that need to be done.

In addition, this is especially interesting for entrepreneurs or company founders, there are various ways to borrow money from private investors. One possibility is private equity funds, which raise capital from investors and make it available on a loan basis. Another possibility is in the form of equity investments and so-called mezzanine financing. Even so-called business angels can be found on the Internet, investing in a company or in a trade.

Personal loan for the summer holidays?

Ah summer! The sun, the days to extend, the barbecues with friends and… the holidays! About half of the French go on holiday during the summer, for a period of a few days to 3 weeks. But faced with the number of possibilities that come to us for the organization of our stay, everyone does according to his desires and according to his budget. By the way, here is everything you need to know about the French summer holiday budget.

A budget equivalent to a salary

A study shows that the summer vacation budget amounts to an average of 1,473 euros, more or less the equivalent of a salary. Of course, this figure hides in fact great disparities, because the budget is very different, depending on whether you leave alone or with family or whether you choose to go on vacation at the hotel or in the family home.

What we can note is that 61% of the French provide a holiday budget of less than 2000 euros, and even 16% a budget of less than 500 euros. At this price, it is obvious that we must make a choice between length of stay, attractiveness of the destination, quality of housing and activities…

As a general rule, the French holiday budget is divided as follows:

  • Housing: 30%
  • Transport: 20%
  • Hobbies: 20%
  • Restoration: 20%
  • Miscellaneous (purchase of magnets and postcards among others): 10%
  • Of course, it is always possible to reduce a position to favor others when you have a limited vacation budget.

Financing a holiday smoothly thanks to the personal loan

We can do what we want to reduce the cost, go on vacation, it is always a budget, especially if we want a minimum of comfort and do some activities. And then, go camping in a tent deep in the Cantal, it’s nice, but you can also want to discover other things, like holidays by the sea or abroad. And right now, the budget is not the same.

To finance holidays smoothly, a simple solution exists: the personal loan.

With an amount of 200 to 75 000 €, the travel credit is an ideal solution to enjoy a pleasant holiday without having to worry about cash. As part of a personal holiday loan, the repayment is in principle of 3 months and 5 years, enough to fund regular holidays out of the ordinary alone or with family.
Once the loan is granted, the funds are directly deposited into your account. You then have no proof to use to use the credit money and can do whatever you want.
Finally, the cost of a holiday credit depends on the amount, the duration, but also the establishment that grants you. Thus, you can find both rates at 0.8% to almost 7%, so you will need to be vigilant and compare offers to find the most adequate.

So, south of France or exotic destination? All you have to do is choose your destination and apply for your holiday credit. This year, you will be able to enjoy!


Loan calculator

Through the loan calculator you can know the truths of the amounts of your debts and consolidation operations. There are a number of reasons why people opt for debt consolidation. Having paid just to worry about each month is much more convenient than trying to do an effective follow up using the loans calculator.

The loan calculator will help you calculate your debt consolidation, with which you can help reduce your minimum monthly payments, which can be useful if your family budget is already stretched to the maximum. To see how much you can save, you’ll want to use a consolidation loan calculator.

The purpose of a loan calculator online debt consolidation loan is to help you see if it makes sense to consolidate your loans into a single debt. The loan calculator will ask for information about all of your current debt, including the interest rate, the minimum monthly payment, and the total amount owed for each account. Also the loan calculator will take into account the current rate of income tax and the fees associated with the loan that you have chosen.

Advantages of using the loans calculator:

You can estimate the amounts in the loan calculator if you do not know the exact total, but the most detailed way possible, will make the loan calculator more useful. If you are not sure what type of debt consolidation loan you have, you can use a loan consolidation loan loan calculator to evaluate all your options.

You can compare with the loan calculator, such as change factors and how the length of the payment term can affect the total amount of interest you will pay or see how a home equity loan compares to using a personal loan for your needs of debt consolidation. You can also use the loan calculator to see how to increase your payment. Depending on the agreements reached with your creditors, your savings may vary. Of course, if after late on your loan, you can expect to see your interest rates that have aroused again.



Internet Loan

Lending via the internet has become extremely popular with borrowers in recent years. Especially in a financial emergency, must be acted quickly. Invoices have to be paid and further delays are usually associated with additional costs. The Internet with its credit providers helps promptly and also offers particularly attractive interest rates.

What must be respected?

Like a house bank loan, even credit leases via the internet should not be hastily completed. Be sure to get some comparisons and pay attention to lenders. Check various reviews of other borrowers and pay special attention to the fine print in the loan agreements. Reputable providers recognize that all facts and figures are disclosed openly. You can often choose your own runtime and adjust the monthly installments to your current financial situation. In addition, a premature repayment of the loan should be possible at any time and of course free of charge. Using a repayment plan, you can see in advance what the monthly repayment and interest charges are. Examine these documents carefully and only then should you sign the loan agreement.

Advantages of an internet loan

Of course, the loans from the Internet also have many advantages. In addition to the ability to compare various providers quickly and even, of course, the faster processing period is observed. If someone is interested in a loan, it often has to go fast and here, the loans from the Internet probably the biggest advantage. Within a few hours, you will receive an acceptance or cancellation and the granted loan amount will often be transferred to the account on the same day.

The loan application can be completed online and transmitted. For some people certainly a big advantage, because the personal way into a bank means for many a great overcoming. If you also have the question “who can lend me money today”, you should take a closer look at the internet loan offers.

Brief history of loans

Currently, loans are very common financial operations and used throughout the world. More and more people are opting for this way of obtaining liquidity to carry out their projects easily and simply. But it was not always like this.

Pioneering Lenders: Greece and Rome

In antiquity, barter was the medium of majority exchange and, to some extent, served to access resources that were not available, in exchange for available resources. The growing projection of increasingly ambitious companies by Greek merchants and explorers, made pre-classical Greece to adopt the first loans of real money with interests, already tested successfully among the Phoenicians.

It can be said that without this brilliant idea, the flourishing of classical culture would never have been possible, due to the economic limitations of initially self-sufficient societies. While it took Rome several centuries to adopt the loans as a means of economic growth, discussions among jurists of the time demonstrate the concern of Roman society to define fair interest rates.

Lack of liquidity?

Lack of liquidity?

With the advent of Christianity, the classical conception of wealth as a desirable means and end, as well as a source of economic and moral progress, was progressively replaced by the moral censorship of usury. In this way, several centuries of decay were experienced, in which both cultural production and economic progress were damaged due to the lack of financial liquidity motivated by the prohibition of interest loans.

But despite this, the loans continued to function, especially among the Hebrew communities scattered throughout the Christian kingdoms. Over the centuries, Jews became the great lenders who financed the most important companies in medieval history. In general, the loans offered could vary, from zero interest for members of their community, to reasonable interest rates for other borrowers, always based on the trust and solvency of the same.

Liquidity, discoveries and progress

Liquidity, discoveries and progress

With the discovery of America, thanks to a loan made by the Catholic Monarchs to finance the expedition of Columbus, the need to finance the most unusual and unimaginable companies became evident. The boost of wealth that this discovery meant for Europe, meant a very important step in history, since the idea of ​​progress was gradually imposed on all of society, as the most effective means of creating wealth and happiness.

During the eighteenth century there was a major change, with the creation of commercial banks, first in Europe and then in the United States. This meant an increasing ease of access to loans, even by small traders and entrepreneurs. Already entered into the twentieth century, virtually anyone with a business idea, a service, or simply an economic need, could access loans with which to fulfill personal and collective dreams.

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Fast 300 Euros Loans

Nowadays, the buoyant financial sector offers you an important variety of financial instruments, from mortgage financing, promotion of SMEs, to the granting of loans for personal consumption. Yes, in effect, you can request financing for a small amount, less than 1000 euros, quickly, safely and flexibly.

Do you need a credit of 300 euros? I also need it. Believe it or not, you can apply for it in the financial system, and the application is free! Many times we need to cover an urgent expense, immediately get a relatively small amount of money to acquire some good or service.

Well, many institutions offer loans of 300 euros, with fast procedures, no extra fees for the loan, or intermediaries. In many cases, these loans of 300 euros are financed by individuals who like to finance a small amount to ensure solvency.

Loan of 300 euros immediately

Let’s say you need a loan immediately, to buy the game console that your child asked you for. Well, you can request a credit of 300 euros. It is a type of loan that you can request online, the money will be settled instantly via bank transfer or on a card.

Now, what happens if you need a credit of 5000 euros? Just as there are financial institutions that offer you a loan of 300 euros instantly, you can also request a larger amount to cover a greater expense.

Loans of 300 euros with Financial Credit Institutions

A loan of 300 euros can be requested even when the person is on an Financial Credit Institutions list. In effect, being delinquent does not exclude you from being a borrower of an urgent loan.

An advantage of this type of immediate credit is that you will not necessarily cancel interest. In general, financial institutions that can make loans of 300 euros fast offer you these two advantages.

Credits of 300 euros without payroll

Although until recently all financial institutions placed as a requirement for a personal loan have a payroll domiciled, now you can apply for loans without this condition.

A few days ago a friend told me with concern, – I need 300 euros today, what do I do? To which I replied, “If you need a loan of 300 euros you can apply online, even if you pay within the established limit you will not have to pay interest; In addition, the application is free for you.

In effect, he did so, and by paying on time, he was able to extend his financed limit to a credit of 600 euros. It is not a great service!

Online credits of 300 euros

When I need a relatively small amount to pay something immediately, say about € 300, I usually go to private institutions that offer online services, and request a mini-credit of 300 euros.

The process is fast, I fill out a form on the same web page, I check the payment terms, and when sending the application you will receive a response of your loan instantly.

Being a micro loan of 300 euros I can cancel on time and I save the interest payment. If you require it, it is a transaction that I recommend, both for its speed and for its security.

Loan of 300 euros without interest

Believe it or not, today financial services have evolved so much that there are companies that can grant you a free 300 euros loan. In fact, when you apply for a loan of € 300, you will not have to pay interest. Of course, you will have to be punctual in the time limit for payment. This is the advantage of this type of quick credits.

A comparator of personal credits, which you can locate online, will allow you to locate the equation between amount / time of payment, which best suits you.

How to get 300 euros?

In many online forums it is common to find people who need a quick loan, who need to get immediately, for example, a 300 euro credit without paperwork, or request a free loan of 300 euros.

To request a loan of 300 euros is extremely easy at present. When they are urgent loans, it is best to resort to a private service that is offered online. In the absence of intermediaries, the process is free.

When I need 300 euros urgently I do not hesitate to locate my trusted lender and establish a suitable contract for my needs.

What happens if you do not pay a loan of 300 euros?

If you do not pay on time a loan of 300 there will be consequences. Relax, you will not go to jail, but you must take other things into account.

The idea of ​​a loan of 300 euros immediately is that, being a small amount, the loan can be easily paid. If I need a small amount and ask for an immediate credit, I must be sure that I can pay it.

Otherwise, you may be charged interest for the delay, you may even be included in a list of defaulters (such as Financial Credit Institutions). It is unlikely that there will be a legal action, as in the case of the non-payment of a loan of 40000 euros.

Other lenders allow you to extend the time limit for payment. This is the best option if you can not cancel on time.

Benefits of getting an online loan

If the money at the end of the month is no longer sufficient or a large investment must be made, it is often necessary to take out a loan. Anyone who wants to borrow money can not only turn to banks, there are also a variety of different offers online. The online loans of some institutes have excellent test and experience reports, but also some fraudsters try to profit from the plight of the loan seekers.

The benefits of an online loan

There are many benefits to getting an online loan: Because the lender has lower costs for branches and staff, the terms are often cheaper. Thanks to ready-made input screens and a data check via the Internet, the conclusion of the loan agreement is much faster than possible at a bank branch. The loan seeker not only learns directly whether he actually receives a loan, he can also access the borrowed money earlier. In addition, there is a high degree of transparency in the field of online credit, because the vendors want to gain the trust of the customer. The terms are therefore easy to compare and it is easier to find a loan that suits your needs perfectly.

Recognize the seriousness of a provider

Unfortunately, there are always fraudsters among the loan offers on the Internet, but they can be recognized by some criteria. Dubious providers often appeal to loan seekers who, due to a negative private credit entry, have little chance of a reputable loan. These providers of online loans usually require no collateral for the borrowed money. They insist on a fee for arranging the loan, which must be paid before concluding the contract, and then retain it without any consideration. It is also characteristic of credit fraudsters that the conclusion of the loan agreement is bound to other contracts, such as insurance. The dissemination of data for advertising purposes is also not excluded. If one or more of these items apply to a loan offer, the searcher should refrain.

Reputable providers of online loans always point out that the granting of a loan is only possible with secured income and that lending without private credit information is only possible under strict conditions.