Personal loan for the summer holidays?

Personal loan for the summer holidays?

Ah summer! The sun, the days to extend, the barbecues with friends and… the holidays! About half of the French go on holiday during the summer, for a period of a few days to 3 weeks. But faced with the number of possibilities that come to us for the organization of our stay, everyone does according to his desires and according to his budget. By the way, here is everything you need to know about the French summer holiday budget.

A budget equivalent to a salary

A study shows that the summer vacation budget amounts to an average of 1,473 euros, more or less the equivalent of a salary. Of course, this figure hides in fact great disparities, because the budget is very different, depending on whether you leave alone or with family or whether you choose to go on vacation at the hotel or in the family home.

What we can note is that 61% of the French provide a holiday budget of less than 2000 euros, and even 16% a budget of less than 500 euros. At this price, it is obvious that we must make a choice between length of stay, attractiveness of the destination, quality of housing and activities…

As a general rule, the French holiday budget is divided as follows:

  • Housing: 30%
  • Transport: 20%
  • Hobbies: 20%
  • Restoration: 20%
  • Miscellaneous (purchase of magnets and postcards among others): 10%
  • Of course, it is always possible to reduce a position to favor others when you have a limited vacation budget.

Financing a holiday smoothly thanks to the personal loan

We can do what we want to reduce the cost, go on vacation, it is always a budget, especially if we want a minimum of comfort and do some activities. And then, go camping in a tent deep in the Cantal, it’s nice, but you can also want to discover other things, like holidays by the sea or abroad. And right now, the budget is not the same.

To finance holidays smoothly, a simple solution exists: the personal loan.

With an amount of 200 to 75 000 €, the travel credit is an ideal solution to enjoy a pleasant holiday without having to worry about cash. As part of a personal holiday loan, the repayment is in principle of 3 months and 5 years, enough to fund regular holidays out of the ordinary alone or with family.
Once the loan is granted, the funds are directly deposited into your account. You then have no proof to use to use the credit money and can do whatever you want.
Finally, the cost of a holiday credit depends on the amount, the duration, but also the establishment that grants you. Thus, you can find both rates at 0.8% to almost 7%, so you will need to be vigilant and compare offers to find the most adequate.

So, south of France or exotic destination? All you have to do is choose your destination and apply for your holiday credit. This year, you will be able to enjoy!



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