The Ideal Loan for Public Employees

The Ideal Loan for Public Employees

The Ideal Loan for Public Employees

Do you work as an employee of a public administration? Do you need a loan but are you already busy? Request a quote for the transfer of the fifth public employees immediately. The sale of the fifth is the ideal loan for you!

The transfer of the fifth to civil servants is a personal loan for employees of the civil service.
Employees of the public employment are defined as employees who provide services to public administrations, such as hospitals, municipalities, provinces, regions, social security institutions, etc.

Civil servants can obtain a fifth transfer with a maximum payment of 20% of the monthly net salary and an amortization plan with a duration of between 24 and 120 months. The maximum eligible amount is calculated in relation to the maximum amount expected, which for public employees amounts to € 85,000.

In order to request the transfer of the fifth, it is necessary that a public employee has completed at least 3 months of employment (regardless of the accrued TFR). The duration applied is calculated, moreover, based on the age of the applicant who must not exceed 70 years of age at the expiry of the contract of the fifth degree; this data is valid for both men and women.

To request a quote please fill in your contact request with your details and you will be contacted by one of our consultants.
Your income documents are enough to get a free estimate of the amount you want, but if you send the salary certificate completed by your administration you will get a more precise estimate and for the maximum amount obtainable. Remember: if you are a public employee, the sale of the fifth is the ideal solution to apply for a loan!


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