What documentation do you need to apply for a loan

What documentation do you need to apply for a loan

Except in very specific products such as the pre-granted credits in which the procedures have been previously done, requesting a loan involves a longer process in many occasions than expected and in which it will be necessary to provide abundant documentation and information.


In fact, usually, the volume of information and documents that the average applicant of a non-mortgage loan must present for the study of the operation is very large, and, indeed, has grown in severity and harshness of conditions in recent years. If all this is carried into the field of mortgage loans we will still find greater volume of information and documentation request (and greater rigidity) to try to obtain the credit.

Everything I need to apply for a loan We will try to review the most common information and documentation that your bank can request in case of trying to obtain a loan.

Basic documentation

Obviously, starting at the beginning, personal identification is a basic element. In this way, the presentation of the corresponding personal identification (the DNI) that is usually requested will be accompanied by a photocopy.

You will also probably be asked for a checking account in which to associate the possible credit.

And it starts from these two simple elements of the documentations dance that will begin, not necessarily in that order, but with this content;

  • Income statements, of which at least the last ones will be requested to consult both the volume of assets and the possible solvency derived from reading these statements.
  • The payrolls of the applicant will also be subject to application, usually up to a maximum of three, although if a work history is not requested, he or she could ask for more, and in the income section, we must present documentation of all regular income. that we have
  • We refer to the work history and it is certainly not uncommon to request such a history from a user who wishes to apply for a loan in the assessment process, since the entity from this work history will obtain important data related to the professional stability (and the derived income) of the applicant.
  • Likewise, we can request the documentation accrediting other credits or loans or financing channels that remain active at the time of the credit application, also, when the time comes, it is possible the request by the entity for notifications of goods and properties. on behalf of the applicant.

So far the most common documentation that can be requested when we try to obtain a credit, there may actually be specific requests in a timely manner, but these would be the main ones. The reader should note finally that we have not included elements such as the verification of the presence or not in delinquency records, because this is already done by the entity itself in its risk assessment.




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