Who transfers money to me today?

Who transfers money to me today?

The utility bill is now higher than expected, the seminar abroad must be paid in advance or an unexpected loss requires the costly new acquisition of a household appliance, who does not know that? Sooner or later, almost everyone in the situation suddenly has to pay a sum of money that is not scheduled and spontaneously unavailable. Who now also has a negative private credit entry is quickly classified as not creditworthy.

Online loans with immediate payment

Online loans with immediate payment

However, in this case, too, there has been the possibility of a cheap instant loan for those in urgent need of money for more than 20 years. It will be processed seriously within 24 hours via a bank, even on weekends. The necessary forms are sent by e-mail. The completed documents will be processed and checked on the same day of the Inbox in order to find the right loan. Lending is then provided through one of many banks with which premium terms have been negotiated for this purpose.

Forms also for online loans

Form checklist

Complete the free online form and take the first step.

Even though applying for online loans is much more convenient and straightforward than the usual way through the bank’s instances, filling out documents is inevitable. In turn, a reputable credit provider is recognized. Necessary details in most cases are the usual master data such as name, address, marital status and financial situation. For the completed questionnaire, submit the last salary certificate, the pension or BAföG decision. A minimum age of 18 years and a regular net income of 850.00 EUR per month or a liquid guarantor is also a prerequisite for many providers.

Credit without private credit up to 5.000,00 EUR

The term loan without private credit means that no private credit file is used for credit assessment, as the loan is issued through a foreign bank. Mostly it is a bank from Switzerland. The loan so granted will therefore not be reported to the private credit or entered there. A loan without private credit can currently be awarded up to an amount of 5,000.00 EUR. But this varies from provider to provider.

Cost trap interest

With online loans, which are also paid immediately, it is very important to look at the interest rates. The annual percentage rate should remain manageable. Loans with interest rates in the double-digit range are not recommended. However, if you also exercise caution when making an online loan decision and are informed, you can, with a clear conscience, buy the new washing machine, check off the operating cost repayment or attend the career-enhancing seminar in Switzerland.


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